6 Must-Have Children’s Books for Black Cultural Education

Reading is a fundamental part of children’s growth and development. Studies have shown that reading is vital to developing vocabulary, communication skills, imagination, and creativity.

We now have a wide range of books that reflect the experiences of Black people around the globe. These books not only help our children feel included and represented, they also broaden their horizons about the world beyond their cities. And many of these books can be found in your local library!

Whether you are still reading to your little ones or they are old enough to read to themselves, here are 6 books exploring Black history and culture that your children should definitely have in their collection:

1. The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

Based on a true story, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, shows how a young boy uses his creativity to come up with a solution to save his small town in Malawi from a devastating drought. This book will definitely teach your kids about the power of dreaming big and the hardships that people face in different countries.

2. Nina Bonita


Written by one of the premier Brazilian children’s authors, Nina Bonita uses humor and wit to teach children about the beautiful shades and skin tones throughout the African Diaspora in South America.

3. These Hands


These Hands gently introduces little readers to the era of segregation in American during the 1950s and 60s. In this book, Joseph’s grandfather teaches him about the hands that helped to make equality in America a reality.

4. Under the Same Sun

This beautiful picture book connects Africa with America as it chronicles the reunion of a family that has relocated from the U.S. to Tanzania. In addition to reading about a fun safari excursion, your kids will also learn about the food, language, and culture of Tanzania.

5. Imani’s Moon

Explore a Massai village and culture in Imani’s Moon as Imani, the smallest in her village, seeks to accomplish her big goal: to touch the moon! Imani’s Moon teaches children that anything is possible if they  push through obstacles and follow their dreams. And can we just mention how cute Imani is! 😍

6. Football Star

In Football Star, your child will follow the main character Paulo Marcelo Feliciano as he pursues his dream of becoming a soccer star in Brazil. This book will also expose your child to the way socioeconomic status affects people in different countries.

What are your children’s go to books when it come to cultural education? Share with the tribe in the comment section below!

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