6 Inexpensive Cultural Games for Your Kids to Enjoy

Spring break is upon us, and although it lasts only for a few days, there’s nothing worse than having your children moping around yelling, “We’re bored!”

Whether you’re taking the kids out of town or spending the break in the house, keep your arsenal stocked with these fun games that expose children to different cultures throughout the Diaspora.

1. 10 Days in Africa

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How well do you know the African continent? If you’re anything like most of us, you’d answer not that well. But not to worry—10 Days in Africa will help both you and your child brush up on the geography of Africa as your family takes the time to plan a fictional trip through the continent.

2. Marbles

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Although this is a game played all around the world, including places like Liberia, the Dominican Republic, and Cuba, we don’t know too many kids in the U.S. that still play marbles these days. Have your kids join in on the fun with this relatively inexpensive game. Since marbles can be played a variety of ways, we’re giving you a head start with a couple common ways to play to help get your family started.

3. Mancala

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Teach your children how to strategize and help them practice their counting with this common board game played throughout West Africa. You can even make this an all afternoon event by creating your own DIY Mancala game. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to find out how you can win a free Mancala board game this week!

4. Black Inventors Memory Match

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Black Inventors Memory Match combines the classic game of memory with a STEM and cultural twist. Have your child test their memory as they learn about 20 everyday products that were invented or improved by African American inventors. This is definitely a game that your child will want to play over and over!

5. Pañuelo

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If you’re lucky enough to be somewhere warm this spring break, Pañuelo is a great game to play with the entire family. All you need is a flag and the great outdoors. Get some exercise and have those kids expend some energy while playing this fast-paced game from the Dominican Republic. Take a look at the instructions on how to play.


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If you’re looking for even more cultural games to play with your family this Spring break, Little Doebhayou’s cultural activity box could be the perfect solution for you. In the Little Doebahyou cultural activity box, you’ll receive three different games from around the world each month, as well as recipes, journal prompts, and fact sheets about each country. Experience hours of fun with the entire family while learning about the world.

Are there any cultural games or activities that you play with your family? We’d love to hear about them! Share with the tribe in the comments below.

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